Tudor Black Bay Pro with Green strap
20mm quick release Blue strap with blue watch
Black Bay 54 watch with Black Strap
Miami Blue Nappa Leather Strap Gray Nappa Leather Strap Green Nappa Leather Strap Black Nappa Leather Strap Beige Nappa Leather Strap

Just launched

Introducing Our New Leather Watch Straps

Upgrade your timepiece with our new collection of premium leather watch straps. Handcrafted from luxurious Italian Nappa and Nubuck leather, these straps offer elegance and durability.

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Elevate Your Watch Experience with Vanguard Straps

Discover Vanguard’s top-quality watch straps, designed to fit your favorite timepieces and built for an active lifestyle. Our collection now includes premium leather straps, alongside our renowned vulcanized rubber straps, ensuring elegance and durability for every occasion.

Our rubber straps are crafted for Rolex, Tudor, and Omega watches, offering an ideal balance of quality and value. With a proprietary design featuring a specialized ABS plastic insert, they seamlessly integrate with popular sports watches. Vanguard is proud to be a pioneer in Tudor integrated straps, setting the standard for fit and feel.

Our new leather straps are handcrafted from luxurious Italian Nappa and Nubuck leather, providing unmatched comfort and style. These premium straps are perfect for those who appreciate elegance and durability in their accessories.