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Great Strap! Comfortable, Flexible But Nice and Thick

I received my strap for my BB58 earlier this week, and I am definitely impressed with the quality. $140 can seem like a lot for a rubber strap, but this is easily the most comfortable, durable, and well-built rubber strap I have. The fitment is perfect, although it was slightly difficult to fit to the watch - not overly hard, but took a few attempts for the spring bars to line up because of the tight tolerances. Overall, I'd say definitely get this strap and save ~$80 instead of the Rubber B.

Giving the GMT a sporty vibe!!!

Fancied giving my GMT a sporty look and after some research decided on the vanguard Strap, definitely a worthy buy. Fits great with the clasp, really good quality and comfort is perfect. Thanks Vanguard I’ll be sure to keep checking what you have available for my other watches. 🙏

Best strap ever

I’ve had them all rubber b and Everest this is by far the most comfortable band I ever worn so happy

High Quality product designed for the Tudor Heritage Blue.

The strap is a blinder, perfect colour match, fits perfectly, very comfortable and very secure. Very happy customer.


The strap looks great with the watch. However, 9 months in, the strap is breaking apart.

** update:
After leaving my review, Vanguard got to me within a day and shipped a free replacement! Let’s hope the new one doesn’t break. Upgrading my review to reflect awesome customer service.

Outstanding Fit, Finish & Customer Service

The quality of the rubber is top notch, it has a great feel and weight to it. Nice brushed finish on the buckle as well. The color matches nicely with the BB58 Navy bezel and dial, and the curved ends fit the case perfectly.

Shipping was fast, arriving from Dubai to U. S. Northeast in under five days.

Excellent strap 👍

Great strap, perfectly integrated and matched with my Tudor bb58 blue. Ordered on Saturday and was delivered to me in the uk on the Monday… 2 days… amazing!!!

Thanks you

Absolute Perfection

I ordered the short option. I'm on the third hole and keeper #2 was barely covering the strap end, so I removed it and its perfect! 1/4" of strap exiting the single keeper. Looks and feels amazing! The watch is now COMPLETE!

Fits well on Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925

I ordered the smaller version for my 925, didn’t have much trouble fitting it and it looks splendid! I think I should’ve ordered the regular length (I have small wrists) as I only have two more holes for adjustment, but that’s my mistake not the strap. The strap is extremely comfortable and really well built! I was also pleasantly surprised the pin buckle from the leather strap fit perfectly so it looks like a OEM strap. I’m very happy with it!

Very high quality strap, little bit short

I‘m fully satisfied with the quality! The colour is fitting the blue of the BB58 perfectly. It is worth every penny. I chose the short option because of my small 6,5“ wrist, because I know the standard would be way to long. On the wrist it is on the third hole, which is in my opinion a little to short because the second loop isn‘t fully covering the end of the strap. It would be perfekt if it was a little bit longer.

Good Strap.

Hey, As I said to your customer helpline, the strap was good. But, you have to inform your clients about the extra costs/taxes. In my case, I paid 80€ extra costs, while the strap costs 124€. I believe you must inform them of the estimated extra costs per country at the final payment step. For this reason, I rate you 4 stars.
Hey, As I said to your customer helpline, the strap was good. But, you have to inform your clients about the extra costs/taxes. In my case, I paid 80€ extra costs, while the strap costs 124€. I believe you must inform them of the estimated extra costs per country at the final payment step. For this reason, I rate you 4 stars.

Perfect Integration

Perfect Integration, love this rubber strap on my BB58. Strap has a lot of holes so I was able to find the perfect fit. Shipping was very fast and I would recommend this strap.

Great value and a worth while upgrade

This is the second strap I’ve bought and neither has disappointed they are a little shorter in length which works perfectly for me as I have a small wrist, only wish Vanguard would do one for my 41mm Submariner.

BB58 strap 925

High quality plastic strap. It fit very well! However, the spring bar doesn’t fit for BB58 925. It need to bended spring bar in order to get it fit and I’ve scratch the lugs during installation. Very upset about the scratch!

Black bay 58 925

I purchased this strap for my bb58 925. Such an amazing strap, love the fit and color with the watch. Only downfall, wish the quality was slightly better, I would've even paid more for that. Nonetheless, I will buy more in the future and will recommend this particular strap and color for the bb58 925.

The perfect strap for me!

I couldn't be happier with my Vanguard watch strap. I've struggled with the BB58's bracelet since the day I got it, since the links are so large and there is minimal micro-adjust. I ordered the small size of the vanguard strap and it's perfect for my 6.5" wrist. I'm just about in the middle of the range of holes. That never happens with other straps, I'm always in the smallest hole, even on "small" straps. The rubber texture is better than I could have imagined; I would describe it as supple like leather. It's not slippery, but it also doesn't seem to collect lint the way some rubber does. And the color is less saturated than it appears in some photos, which I was nervous about. The color is a PERFECT compliment to the Black Bay 58 Navy Blue. My only wish is that Vanguard will offer a similar strap for my Explorer 36mm. Thank you!

Perfect strap

The strap is perfect and made with high-quality material! Fits very great.

Smashing strap!

This strap is definitely worth the money! I was able to add my Tudor clasp on it and it makes the watch that much better! From the leather strap to the rubber, I forget I have it on half the time it's so comfortable. Great quality.

Great strap but a bit small

I bought this excellent strap as i wear my Tudor watch even when swimming in the sea.

The strap itself is lovely and fit nicely.

The down side is that on my 20cm/8 inch wrists, the buckle is on the 4th hole from the end and is just about captured by the two retainers.

Wearing a wet suit (even a thin triathlon suit) the strap does not fit over the sleeve.

Would i recommend a Vanguard replacement strap? Yes, if you have thin wrists

Tolles Kautschukband für die BB Chronos

Tolles Kautschukband für die BB Chronos 👍

Awesome strap

Great strap, super high quality and so comfortable on the wrist. Worth every penny

High quality strap

Tudor BB58 Blue rubber strap feels very high quality and fits perfectly to watch.

My new default strap choice

I've been wearing my BB58 on a Vanguard strap for about a week now since I first received the strap and I'm pleased to say that it is phenomenally comfy. It was very supple out of the box and had no break in time whatsoever in order to be comfortable and conform to my wrist just right. It integrates nearly flawlessly except for a very small gap near the case but you have to be looking pretty hard to spot it.

The buckle and tang are brushed very nicely, about 85% as well as the factory bracelet. It doesn't look out of place and is sized just right for the BB58 aesthetically speaking. For me personally, straps that have keepers that are loose and slide around are massive downers, thankfully the keepers on this strap don'y slip and slide around. It's also not difficult to slide the strap through the keepers and can easily be done one handed, unlike other rubbers I have had that are much more finicky.

Other reviews mention the strap being difficult to put on - I didn't have that experience. It's just like fitting an integrated bracelet. If you've done that before without issues then you'll be just fine here too since it's easier than metal end links.

The only thing I'd caution about is length. I have pretty much bang on a 6.5" wrist and went with the small size. The strap fits, and I have either two or three holes to loosen depending on the day, but that means I had to remove the floating keeper since it was pointless in keeping the tail of the strap tucked since there isn't much of a tail to speak of. I can get a comfortable fit but it is shorter than I'm used to, even compared to other "short" straps despite taking measurements.

I suspect this is because the length of the straps is measured from the physical edge to the physical tail/buckle, but because the strap integrates those numbers include the portion that meets the case, unlike a traditional strap that starts the length measurement near the spring bar holes. This isn't a massive deal but if you're right on the edge of long vs short, I recommend taking detailed measurements of your other favorite straps to see where a Vanguard strap will likely fall.

Worth $130? Probably, pricey for me personally but I know I'll get lots of milage from the strap. It's my new default strap and isn't coming off for the foreseeable future.

Good Quality

It’s very nice

High Quality Strap

Five stars for quality and it looks great.

I got the strap for a BB58 925 even though the product page warns that it is not compatible. The deciding factors, to give it a shot anyway, was that the strap tapers to 16mm and fits the OEM silver buckle.

I did eventually get it seated securely, but only after switching to thinner spring bars. I'm not sure if those will be problematic over time given the softness of the metal. Also, the inside of the lugs are a little worse for wear because of the struggle. I'm usually pretty good at keeping the inside of the lugs clean, but not so much here. No regrets, I'd do it again, but Godspeed if you try it!